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Hot Rox Electronic Hand Warmer (USB)

Hot Rox Electronic Hand Warmer (USB)

HotRox Electronic Hand warmer and USB lead, this handy device can be charged from any 5V USB charger, so from a laptop, pc, a usb car charger or a traditional mains USB charger. HotRox comes with 2 heat settings, providing up to 6 hours of heat on the medium setting and up to 3 hours of heat on the high setting. It retains its charge for weeks on end, so it is ready when you need it!

HotRox can be turned on and off as it suits you, this is distinctly different to the other forms of hand warmer, such as the gel or tea bag style warmers that run until they stop! HotRox delivers heat on demand, it has an advanced heat plate that quickly warms up (10 -15 seconds). So you really can turn it on and off to suit you, which in turn extends the duration considerably. HotRox appeals to all age groups and pretty much every application when you feel a bit nippy, it is not designed as a survival aid, it has been designed to make the 'Cold days better!!' for normal people going about their everyday lives doing what they do.


19.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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