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Beartooth Semi-Auto Camo Kit - Mossy Oak

27.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Hunting Accessories

Our best selling item is a sure way to add quick and easy camo. Constructed of heavy-duty 2.3mm neoprene, the 3-Piece Camo Kit absorbs shock, improves shooting comfort and accuracy, and prevents unwanted nicks and dings to your gun finish. While the kit is easy to slide on and take off, the rubber backing ensures the product stays in place after installation.

If you value your firearm and are serious about concealment, Beartooth's 3-Piece Camo Kit will keep you covered and protected in every condition all the time.

Reusable - Easy to put on and take off
Will not slip, slide, or stretch out
No tape, adhesives, or fasteners
Adds shooting comfort, improves

This 3-Piece Camo Kit Contains:
(1) StockGuard - Standard size for all models. (4) ammo loops
(1) ForegripGuard - 11" long by 5.5" circumference
(1) BarrelGuard - 18" long (will stretch up to 20") by 2.5" circumference

SKU :001057
Barcode : 648681558757

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